Build an energetically balanced future with us

We are a global collective of designers, technologists, and creatives dedicated to supporting the healing and awakening of society. If you’re on a spiritual path and have seasoned product expertise, we’d love to see how we can collaborate with you, either now or in future.

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What it means to work with us

Build meaningful tech that makes people’s lives better

Work alongside world-class technologists in the same heart space

Maintain a balanced lifestyle with our flexible approach to work

“I care about designing technology to enrich people’s lives and respect their attention, and that’s what I get to do when collaborating with Modern Mantra. There’s a shared love of impacting the world and working on projects that align with our personal interests, all while exploring the intersection of technology and spirituality”
Nibras Ib
Multi-disciplinary Creative & Product Designer
Previously at Cleo

Who we look for

We work on a select number of technology projects each year that we feel align with our values. For each project, we mobilize a team of seasoned designers, engineers, strategists, and storytellers.

Design roles
  • Product Design (UI/UX)
  • UX Research
  • Brand Design
Engineering & Technical roles
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems/Software Architecture
  • Technical Product Management
Strategy roles
  • Product Strategy
  • Venture Design
  • Brand Strategy
Content roles
  • Creative Copywriting
  • AI Art Creation
  • Video Storytelling
If you have demonstrable expertise and can handle responsibility in any of these areas, introduce yourself so we can get to know you. If we feel you're a good fit, we'll keep you in the loop with future projects as they come up.
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Fully Remote
We are remote-first so that each of us can live and work from the place in the world that most nourishes our soul.
Project By Project
We recruit per project, so plug in only when you feel full resonance, and plug out when your heart needs to be elsewhere.
6-Week Cycles
We work to 6-week cycles with breaks in between. Channel your best productive energy and then have dedicated space to recharge.
Async Collaboration
No forced work schedules. No obligatory meetings. Work on your time and stay synced up with tools like Loom and Slack.
Easy Onboarding
We have everything well documented and video’d, so you can get fully up to speed, autonomous, and in your best flow within 1-2 weeks of joining.
All The Tools
No outdated software or free accounts slowing you down. We equip you with whatever tools to do your best work, just tell us what you need.

Our Stack

We leverage best-in-class tools to make collaboration easy and cut frictions from everybody's working life.
Notion logo
Notion as our source of truth
Loom logo
Loom instead of endless meetings
Slack logo
Slack for daily dialogue
Zoom logo
Zoom to meet from anywhere
Figma logo
Figma for design & mindmapping
Jasper AI logo
Jasper AI to accelerate writing
“Being able to work when I want and where I want makes it easy to have a life built around nature, travel, and pushing forward on my side projects”
Ryan Crocombe
Product Designer
Previously co-founder, Moment Pet Wellness

Freelance without the BS

Get paid on time
We pay invoices fast, typically within 2 days. Your own time is for grounding, healing & growing, not chasing up payment.
Get paid often
We run on bi-weekly invoicing cycles meaning payday twice a month. Less end-of-month pre-payday anxiety, more flow in your life.
Get paid well
We are truly blessed for the unique abilities & wisdom that you bring. Get paid properly for them and continue to live abundantly.

Join us in creating technology to elevate minds, bodies, and souls.

Introduce yourself and we'll set up a call to meet you. If we think you’re a good fit, we’ll give you first access to exciting projects as they come available.
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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

I like what you stand for but don’t see a role listed that matches my skillset. Can I still apply?
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The roles listed are just a guideline based on the areas we most regularly recruit for. However, project requirements can vary and we welcome you to apply with any demonstrable expertise across product, startup, and creative storytelling/content, even if you do not have specific experience in any of the roles listed. Ultimately, if you have skills to build & create, are rigorous in your work, and are full of ideas, we’d love to meet you and see how might be able to work together.

What happens after I submit an application?
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We'll review your application and, if there’s a good match in skills, experience, and values, we’ll arrange a Zoom call to meet one of our managing partners and HR team. You’ll have the chance to ask any questions about how we work and the types of roles available. If all goes well, you’ll join our exclusive talent database and will get first access to new project opportunities as they come up.

I’m not looking for a role right now but might be interested in future. How can I stay in the loop?
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Submitting an application form today is the best way to stay in the loop about future opportunities. It also means we can understand your skillset and experience ahead of time, meaning that if a relevant opportunity comes up in future, we’ll be able to get you onboarded much faster.

Still have questions? Message us directly.
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