The word mantra in sanskrit
manas tra
(n.) mind tool

What if technology were in service of awakening and healing?

Committed to transformation, we are working to integrate technology into spirituality. Modern Mantra is a collective of technologists. A studio for manifestation. We work with those who share our vision, and who are committed to their spiritual growth and the growth of humanity. Together we create products and experiences to help the world heal, awaken, and flourish.

Our calling? To use our technical knowledge to enable heart-centered creators to share their gifts with the world. We give healers, educators, and visionaries the tools they need to manifest the content of their minds.

Our engine of choice? Venture design. An emerging field at the intersection of business, design, and technology. We help design and launch new ventures, products, and services. We see design as a verb; a way of thinking. Before the layout of a page or pixels on a screen, technology design is strategy and architecture.

Our commitment: to reimagine our world, and our relationship to technology, nature, and one another. And to connect us more deeply to ourselves and each other.

Our vision: human-and-earth flourishing.
This is our manifesto.
Our manifestation.

Our Mantras


Earth-made, earth-toned & earth-first

Our first love is the world of matter and flesh; water, mud, air, and fire. We remember that technology is an extension of humanness, giving our work and products a human quality.

We work from a remembrance that all technology stems from earth materials. The internet, while magical seeming, is powered by metal, cables, and frequency; hardware and wireless connections are made of earth. By remembering technology is physical, we maintain a connection to the planet and a mindfulness of our impact.


Connected & embodied

Our integration with technology does not come at the cost of our bodies. In fact, our living relationship to our body, our aliveness in it, informs the technology we create, and that in turn determines what that technology does to others.

Our technology fosters a deeper connection to nature, other, and self.



To be heart-centered is to operate from a felt-first space instead of the thought-first default of the world of technology. Heart-centeredness is working from care, compassion, and a desire to give. It’s the integration of emotions and the mind.

We work with heart-centered people, both clients and creatives, to create heart-centered products that foster a connection to nature and spirit.


Unlearning & relearning

Much of the software we inherited doesn't lend itself to human flourishing, connection, and happiness. Including our humanware such as emotions, habits, and language. We use digital technology to unlearn outdated ways of being and upgrade our human technology.


Beyond the myth of individuality

We embrace an ethos of creative collaboration. We work through an engine of sharing, feedback, and iteration. Work gains momentum and energy when it’s molded by multiple hands.

We know we are more than individuals and we attempt to work from that knowing. Nothing is created in a vacuum, nothing exists outside of relationship. Our work is born out of collaboration and co-creation.


Expand the definition of technology, returning it to its rightful place

We believe technology is more than the screen we read these words on. It is all human-created tools. There are ancient technologies like breath-work, yoga, meditation or mantra, and, the original technology, language.

We see technology as more than a tool to get things done. Instead of using technology to dominate the earth, we return it to its rightful place, a tool for creating harmony. Ultimately, we want to use technology to access our inner worlds and our spiritual selves.

We believe technology is discovered and remembered as opposed to invented. We can’t invent, we can only use what exists within our physical reality. In this way, technology is ancient. What we perceive as innovation is the use of the native components of our universal architecture in new, creative ways.

We believe technology is neutral in its essence. Our attention is focused on the values, incentives, and structures that direct the application of technology.


Document & share

We are constantly learning and growing ourselves so that we can be of service to others. As we do this work, we share our knowledge and practices, so that others can benefit from what we've learned.

We see

Inner work Outer work

Inner work manifests as outer work. The work we do externally embodies the work we do internally. The external work allows us to fine-tune the internal, notice our triggers, practice honesty, and come to the field of life.

We believe inner work is deeply relevant to what we traditionally call work. As such, we see minimal separation between the work of emotions and psyche, and the work of the world. Both are mirrors endlessly reflecting one another.

This is our manifesto. Our modern mantra. If it resonates, we invite you to join us in creating this future.

With love,

Modern Mantra